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Squarespace for Real Estate is a Beautiful Way to Market Properties

Get better marketing now for your Squarespace real estate website with our property listings plugin and mobile listings & leads CRM app.

Now you can add live property listings to your site complete with customizable property search 

When it comes to marketing services-based offerings on the web, no profession is more in need of a well-rounded website hosting platform than real estate. 

Whether it’s Realtors® or brokers, vacation home owners looking to keep their properties booked, or home builders who want to sell directly without paying agent commissions, real estate pros need an affordable DIY web platform that offers robust features, ease of use, and that looks the part on a variety of devices from desktop to the smallest mobile phone screens. 

While Wordpress is always a popular choice, the steep learning curve and the plug-and-play complexity of plugins and their configurations often make it a poor choice for those real estate pros wanting an affordable, easy, and fast non-technical solution to getting a great website out there.

Plus, whether you’re a Realtor®, landlord, or a builder, you need more than just a great “look and feel” and info about your brand to move properties online. You need viewable, searchable listing for apartments, homes, commercial offices, and new construction builds for buyers and renters to find online. 

For the most part, though, that also means a whole other level of extra complications. How do you hook up your MLS property listing feed if you’re an agent? How do you create and update home rental listings to show on your site if you’re a landlord or property manager? How do you get your home listings indexed by Google so they can be found?

Enter Squarespace. In our opinion, the best choice in a DIY web builder for real estate pros. 

The fine folks over at Applet Studio have created a great article on the general merits and benefits of Squarespace for service industry pros:

  • Easy for anyone to edit your website and pages
  • It’s highly-customizable
  • Mobile from the start so it looks good on all devices
  • Free marketing tools for your business

You pay one time, in one place for the builder, hosting, and more

The one additional thing that real estate industry users still need though is a way to show searchable property listings on their Squarespace websites.

Now, enter MyOwnMLS. In our opinion, the only affordable, super-simple, and powerful way to easily add MLS or your own property listings to a Squarespace site. For both commercial and residential Realtors®, home builders, landlords, and vacation property managers, MyOwnMLS is an instant “force multiplier” for your property marketing needs. 

All you need to do is sign up for a web plugin plan and you’re on your way to better, more beautiful digital marketing that also drives revenue. 

What you get with a MyOwnMLS Squarespace plugin subscription 

When you sign up for one of our plugin subscription plans, you get a Squarespace web plugin composed of clean HTML, Javascript, and CSS that’s not an Iframe. 

Plus, you also get instant access to the MyOwnMLS mobile app for managing your listings and access to our powerful web marketing tools right in the app. 

We handle all the installation for you and place our code right into your Squarespace website within minutes. We can also customize it to match your website look and feel, as well as other customizations you may need. 

Once installed, the plugin displays on your site

  • Property Search Bar
  • Listings Results Pages
  • Listing Details Pages
  • “Featured Listings” Pages
  • "What's New" Custom Site & Social Posts

The plugin reads the property data and other content for your listings (such as images and videos) right from our linked MyOwnMLS mobile app. 

In other words, you log in to our included mobile app, create a property listing for a “for sale” or “for rent” commercial or residential property, then it’s posted directly to your Squarespace website so it can be searched and viewed. 

For any listings you create, you can edit them anytime to update the listing showing on your site. 

You can also mark any listing as a ” Featured Listing” to instantly generate a standalone page created on your website just for that listing with lots of extra info. No coding, no configuration, just a click and, boom, your listing has its own web page to impress seller clients or market your property for quick rent or sale.

These featured pages are great for posting on social media or for targeting when running Google or social media ads. In fact, you can also click on any featured listing in the app and run Facebook ads that target the page so you move it faster and more easily. 

A mobile CRM to boot - and content really is king for today’s SEO 

Inside the MyOwnMLS listings management app that’s directly connected to your Squarespace real estate website we’ve also included a fully mobile CRM and a blog publishing tool too.

When we embed our plugin code onto your site, we also add a variety of contact forms too. When visitors have questions about your properties or want to rent or buy, they fill out these forms on your site or on your listings pages you’re notified instantly via text message. 

Plus, the lead’s info goes straight into your MyOwnMLS mobile app’s CRM so you can make notes on the lead, tag them, or click-to-email (or call) right from your phone (where you need the leads the most!).

We’ve also included a blog publishing tool inside the app you can use on any device from mobile phone to desktop. Just log in and create your post right in the app’s blog editor, then click “Publish” to have it go live to your website’s blog with the featured image of your choice. 

Our blog tool is great for improving your Google search visibility and, of course, helps you do SEO so more people find your site than that of your competitors. You can use it for long posts or just quick updates. Both are great for keeping up with ever-changing Google search results standards that, more and more, rely on fresh, new content for you to rank well.

Easy, simple, and highly-affordable Squarespace plugins for real estate 

Squarespace sites make for beautiful marketing for your real estate business. They’re also affordable and easy-to-use for those wanting a true, total DIY web solution for their real estate business. 

Until now, Squarespace has been missing  the one “game changer” solution or “killer app” for real estate: A robust listings management plugin.

Give MyOwnMLS a whirl and take control of your real estate sale or rental business - all from your phone. Join hundreds of other property pros who are saving time, money, and headache managing their listings (and marketing website) from our simple mobile app. 

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